FELA and other Railroad Litigation

FELA and other Railroad Litigation

Railroad Safety
Railroading in the United States first got its start in the early 1800’s.  By the 1850’s, the injury rates and death tolls climbed and began to draw attention to the hazards of working in the rail industry.  As an example of how unsafe it became, the life expectancy of a railroad brakeman was only six years from the late 1800s through the early 1900s.

The year 1893 brought the first of several acts and regulations to address the condition of railroad safety.  These laws finally dictated what the railroads had to do to provide some measure of safety for their employees.


A significant part of our practice involves claims on behalf of railroad workers under the Federal Employers’ Liability Act and related statutes. The firm has handled railroad cases since at least the 1960’s and with current partners since 1982. Past and current partners of this firm have served as Designated Legal Counsel for various rail labor unions. One current partner has many years of past experience representing one of the class 1 carriers.

We have handled many high profile railroad injury cases; see examples elsewhere in this web page. In many of our cases we have been pioneers in fighting for legal principles that support the rights of injured railroad workers.

We treat our clients with dignity and respect. We will speak the truth and stand up for your interests.