Medical Negligence

When we seek medical care, we commit our lives and safety to the care of our physicians, hospitals and other healthcare providers. Our society has committed huge resources to their training, and we pay huge fees for their services. In return, our society expects them to meet a minimum standard of care. Medicine is not an exact science, and our healthcare system does not have the answer to all medical needs. Despite the best possible medical care, some patients do not recover and some conditions get worse. Doctors and other health care providers are not responsible for a bad result. Every medical procedure has some risk of failure however small. Most healthcare providers are caring people who are highly trained and motivated to do the best they can for their patients. A few have a dangerous combination of lack of competence and an exaggerated impression of their own abilities. Sometimes people working in the healthcare industry simply make mistakes. Some of these mistakes (eg, wrong medicine) can prove catastrophic. When a doctor or other health care provider fails to meet the minimum standard of care, the injured patient and his or her family may be able to bring a claim for malpractice. We prefer the term medical negligence. These are tough cases and should never be attempted without a thorough and painstaking review of the records and medical literature. Litigation requires extensive use of top quality medical experts, and “out of pocket” costs (not including attorney fees) can easily reach six figures. We screen all potential claims well before deciding to commit to a case. Because of this, our reputation is excellent in the community, and we have a good record of success in the field. We do not charge fees for screening a possible claim. You may, however, be responsible for investigative costs, which may include the cost of obtaining copies of records and having them reviewed by an objective expert. If you are concerned about the possibility that the medical care for you or a loved one was not performed correctly, please give us a call. We will lend a sympathetic ear and try to give you the best answer we can provide. At a minimum you may gain a better undertsanding of your situation. You may even secure just a compensation if you have a vaild medical negligence claim.