Personal Injury

Personal injury is an unfortunate but sometimes unpreventable event in many of our lives.

The American society is organized around legal principles that have a long history going back to the middle ages in England.  The English formed a “common law” set of rules and principles that were adopted in America when the United States was founded.

A fundamental principle of common law is accountability.  Under the law of accountability, we are all expected to act with reasonable prudence to avoid hurting others.  When we fail to meet that minimum standard, whether through intentional acts or through carelessness, the law holds us accountable to pay for the damages we caused.

Since its founding in the middle ages, the common law has been modified by statutes, rules, and regulations too numerous to list in this limited space.  In the early 1900’s, workers’ compensation laws were enacted and most employers were made immune from suit for damages by their employees.  Other laws were enacted to set specific rules of conduct.  The traffic code is a legislative creation that sets specific rules of conduct when operating a vehicle on a public highway.

Our law firm and its predecessors have for more than 60 years helped accident victims secure just compensation for personal injuries.  We know how to navigate the laws and assert claims that are just and honorable.

A person suffering serious injury embarks on a process of treatment and recovery that is unpredictable and uncertain.  Some injuries heal quickly, some linger.  Some injuries start out mildly but grow more serious with time.  In some cases, the worst may not be seen for decades.

With most personal injury claims, you get just one opportunity for fair compensation.  To obtain proper compensation, it is essential to fully understand what lies in the future for you.  In medical terms, you need to understand your prognosis.  This prognosis includes your future ability to work as well as your future need for medical care.

Physicians are usually focused on providing the treatment they can do now to make you better.  They may be less focused on predicting your medical future.

You should rely on competent and experienced counsel to advise you of the hidden risks of any injury claim no matter how small.  We have extensive experience in claims evaluation and can determine a lot from a review of your medical records.

Protect yourself and your family’s economic future.  Make sure you get advice before compromising your rights.  You can only do it once; make sure it is done right.