Product Liability

As trial attorneys we are committed to the representation of the individual in the struggle for justice against the strong and powerful.  There is no field of law where the lines are more clearly drawn than in the arena of product liability.

Product liability laws define the responsibility of a manufacturer of a product to account for injuries caused by a defective product.  Whether this is a harmful pharmaceutical, a defective toy, or a defective car, the general legal right to claim damages remains the same.  The manufacturer must pay the damages caused by a product that is proved to be defective under the law.

These cases are tough.  Manufacturers are usually concerned about opening the door to a flood of litigation so they will defend these cases vigorously, using all resources at their command.  They look at it not as if they were defending against one claim, but hundreds or thousands more that have not yet been brought.  The slogan “millions for defense, not one cent for an injured user” illustrates the attitude and approach of many product liability defendants.

It is important that your case be carefully screened before you begin.  If you are one of many injured in a similar manner, it often pays to work closely with a firm that is handling many similar cases, because that allows you to share the expense of litigation with others.

Sometimes there is discussion of a possible “class action” lawsuit.  A class action lawsuit is one where all members of a class stand together for a unified recovery.  While there are some circumstances where a class action suit may be the only way to obtain a remedy, in our experience many class action lawsuits provide just a minimal award to the individual class member.  We do not recommend joining a class action lawsuit until you have properly analyzed the potential of proceeding in an individual claim.  We are not saying never do it, we are just saying be careful and get advice first.

If you feel you have been injured by a defective product, give us a call. We will help you to find the best way to move forward. We do not charge for an initial consultation, so you are free to get our advice winthout incurring any finanical risk.